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  Re: Spectral Rendering with POV-Ray  
From: Mr
Date: 1 Jan 2013 16:25:01
Message: <web.50e353ce8647b6ff259be2c70@news.povray.org>
Ive <ive### [at] lilysoftorg> wrote:
> The animation feature of POV-Ray can be used to make it a spectral
> render engine. The basic idea is to render a set of gray-scale images
>   - each representing a specific wavelength - and finally combine them
> using the CIE color match function.
> To simplify this task I have created a few POV-Ray SDL scripts and some
> examples.
> You'll find the download link, some images and more explanation here:
> http://www.lilysoft.org/CGI/SR/Spectral%20Render.htm
> -Ive

Would this help POV to render caustics any faster?

I ask this because I could not after all my attempts get POV-Ray to render some
caustics scene with chromatic dispersion as fast as Lux Render did (Lux uses
spectral rendering)other than that I would have been so happy to use POV because
of so many other features, but for this particular scene, the speed issue was
really too high of a bottleneck, preventing it to keep the same quality between
the two renderers.

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