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  Re: Making of a Rose. PovRay Video in HD.  
From: robert alzinger
Date: 4 Dec 2011 08:30:01
Message: <web.4edb74eff5aaa40af399f2ba0@news.povray.org>
> yep 2nd that ... very nice indeed!
thanks a lot to all.

>  I suggest to have this video included into the POV-Ray tutorials.
yes please. I would be happy, to see the video in the POV-Ray tutorials.
and maybe to "POV-Ray-related News" at the Pov-Ray main page?

> choice of music. (What is it, it sounds familiar?)
it is a free track from youtube "He Leadeth Me".

> #macro EaseInOut(TimeValue)
thanks to Warp
now it is implemented in version 2,
the same URL


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