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  Re: Making of a Rose. PovRay Video in HD.  
From: robert alzinger
Date: 15 Nov 2011 02:20:01
Message: <web.4ec21255f5aaa40a3ca5ed6b0@news.povray.org>
Warp <war### [at] tagpovrayorg> wrote:

> #macro EaseInOut(TimeValue) // TimeValue must be in the range [0, 1]
>   0.5 - cos(TimeValue*pi)/2
> #end
> --
>                                                           - Warp


i was thinking about something similar a few weeks ago... but there was no time
to do this.

something  like
but you are right cos is much more easier. :-)

The film is running in -6 < Clock < 33
All my scenes are running in x < clock < x+1
so it is very easy to implement your  macro.

thanks robert

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