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  Announce: 4 POV-Ray-created Music Videos on DVD  
From: Drakonis
Date: 23 Apr 2011 14:05:01
Message: <web.4db31377d60c7a4ca7d9eba0@news.povray.org>
Hello all, this is Eduard Schwan... some may remember me working with the
POV-Ray 2&3 team developing the Macintosh version, ... many years ago :-)  I
have been actively using POV-Ray (Mega-POV lately) to build intricate animations
to go with my music compositions.  So I am proud to finally announce the
publication of 4 of these POV-Ray-generated music videos on a DVD (NTSC format,
region-free.)  I have prominently listed POV-Ray in the credits as part of my
toolbox :-)  Here is my announcement, along with a video trailer where you can
preview the music videos if you like:

Journey through four different surreal worlds, each one offering
artistically-crafted computer-animated scenes, some playful, some mysterious,
all thought-provoking.  Each video has its own original music soundtrack
composed to go hand-in-hand with the video experience.  The computer-generated
ray-traced videos  were designed bit-by-bit (and the music note-by-note) by
SchwanSongs for your enjoyment.

#1 - Game the System - Frolic through a video-game fantasy world of
kaleidoscopic excitement.  Will you avoid the strange whirling parasols?  Can
you count all 10 sneaky sheep?

#2 - The Cherry Orchid - Float through a garden of crystal flowers, growing in a
serene liquid pool at sunset.

#3 - Nebula Spin - Stroll through the nebula-hood with three chatty molecules as
they search for the nearest star.

#4 - Glacially Inevitable - Experience glacial beauty and inevitable entropy...
where time and music seem frozen, and icy sharp.

This NTSC region-free DVD contains over 22 minutes of animation, and is
available for sale (for $15 USD, plus shipping/handling) worldwide.  The 4
videos can be played individually, or sequentially in a loop.  A video-trailer
can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcHMMWQYPGk
You can find more information on this DVD (including on-line ordering outlets)
here: http://www.schwansongs.com/fourworlds/

Tech-Note: The animations were all rendered at NTSC Standard size (720x480,
4:3-aspect ratio for TV), anti-aliased, area-lights on.  There was one section
in "Game the System" inside the multi-reflecting kaleidoscope that brought the
rendering to its knees, running over 10 hours for each frame of animation :-)

Thank you for your interest, and for continuing POV-Ray development!  I hope you
enjoy the trailer and the videos.
Eduard Schwan

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