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  Re: animation about the Penrose tessellation realized with PovRay  
From: Maurizio Paolini
Date: 25 Aug 2010 12:00:00
Message: <web.4c753cddae4c757ffafc37c30@news.povray.org>
Stephen <mca### [at] aolDOTcom> wrote:
> On 25/08/2010 12:12 AM, Maurizio Paolini wrote:
> >  From the home page"http://penrose.dmf.unicatt.it/"
> An excellent animation, very impressive in the subject matter and the
> use of PovRay. I particularly enjoyed your choice of background music
> and sound effects (also when you chose not to use them).

For the sound effects I used "www.findsounds.com"; you need a little
imagination: e.g. the sound when we impose the adjacency constraints is
an "uncorking" sound.

There are not many sounds, the major reason is laziness...
The background music was originally the "Variations on a rococo team"
by Chaikovsky, we changed to "Ambient Symphony" by "zero-project" in
order to avoid license problems.  Some pieces where slightly adapted
(with audacity) to the needs of the animation.

> How long did the project take?

Roghly one year and a half, not full time, but it required
*a lot* of time in any case.

Thank you for your interest.

Maurizio Paolini

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