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  Re: TesselSphere-1.1.0-rc5 release  
From: Nicholas Shea
Date: 15 Jan 2004 07:55:02
Message: <web.40068d1267b1e2aa7474e3690@news.povray.org>
Dennis Miller wrote:
>Hmm, is the site down? I'll check again later - Sorry, this site is
>temporarily unavailable!
> for the last few hours.
>Thanks for the update.

The web is like the world - it's all smoke and mirrors :)

I have revamped the TesselSphere site and uploaded sample
TS_Macros, INC file explanations and a POV scene example called
GeodesicMorph.pov. This will show you how it all fits together...

Access these from the TesselSphere index at url:


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