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  Epspline released.  
From: Ed Hynan
Date: 9 Jan 2015 12:02:16
Message: <54b00998$1@news.povray.org>
Epspline version has been released.  Description:

     Epspline (as in Edit-Povray-SPLINE) is a utility for POV-Ray users:
     a simple 2D graphical editor of lathe and prism objects.

     Download links, and a few samples, are available at:


This release is enhanced with one new feature.  It is now possible
to place a background image on the drawing area.  Hopefully this
will help in tracing, or simply taking inspiration from, an image.

A background image is set up through a dialog box, and this dialog
provides a small number of image adjustments so that an image may
be rendered on the drawing area in a useful way.  The documentation
has a new section describing this new feature which may be invoked
by a help button on the dialog box.  The dialog box is invoked from
the `Tools' menu.

Ed Hynan

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