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  Re: New update of my 'Insert Menu Add-on'  
From: Friedrich
Date: 28 Dec 2014 06:12:11
Message: <549fe58b$1@news.povray.org>
Am 26.12.2014 17:54, schrieb Bald Eagle:
> I'm always pleased to see what new improvements you've made to your work, as I'm
> constantly using and referencing your excellent examples.
Thank you! It's good to read this!
> I must admit though, that I'm a bit confused by the information presented in the
> link and the version comments in the file.  Is this shapes3.inc supposed to be a
> December 2014 update?  The last one I updated was in October, and that's all I
> see in this one as well.
> // Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer version 3.6 / 3.7 Include File
> // file:   shapes3.inc
> // author: Friedrich A. Lohmueller, March-2013
> //
> // Update: Dec-2013 - Corrected wrong rotation in 'Round_Pyramid_N_in'.
> // Update: Oct-2014 - Corrected wrong '-R_o+D' in 'Segment_of_CylinderRing'.
> Just trying to keep track of it all.  :)
> Thanks again!
To clear this a bit:
My 'Insert Menu Add-on' and 'shapes3.inc' are two different things:

New on 24-Dec-2014:  the templates in my 'Insert Menu Add-on'
    see files: '00_Basic_Templates_HTML.zip'
                respectively 'Basic_templates_37.zip
                and the according 'shapes_lo2.zip'

New on 08-Oct-2014:
     update of the POV-Ray include file 'shapes3.inc'
     by some corrections as descriped above!

(I have changed a bit the links in the top lines on my download pages
  to help avoiding this confusion ... (visible only after a reload!))

Best regards

Friedrich A. Lohmueller

Email:  Friedrich.Lohmueller_AT_t-online.de
Homepage: http://www.f-lohmueller.de/

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