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  New update of my 'Insert Menu Add-on'  
From: Friedrich
Date: 24 Dec 2014 12:32:43
Message: <549af8bb$1@news.povray.org>
Hi to all!

  An update of my 'Insert Menu Add-on'
for POV-Ray 3.7 win is available now.
Theres is also a version in HTML for use with cut an paste.

It's an intensive expansion of the templates of the
original Insert Menu by a bundle of new items.
Mainly these are:
  New Ready-made Scenes,
  Some new shapes in my shapes_lo2,
  Isosurface tempelates for helix and spirals,
  fractal patterns and
  Cameras templates.

Also here all items are fully functional code segments,
all shapes are fully textured and have vanilla basic
transformations to make it easier to use the correct syntax
for beginners as well as for advanced users.

For details about the content and for download see here:
  (en-us, de, fr, it)
For an online preview of the HTML version see directly here:

(To see the actual version of these pages it might be necessary
  to reload the following pages to update the cache of your
  internet browser!)

Happy raytracing!

Friedrich A. Lohmueller

Email:  Friedrich.Lohmueller_AT_t-online.de
Homepage: http://www.f-lohmueller.de/

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