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  Bishop3D is going GPL  
From: harnaut
Date: 25 Sep 2014 18:32:49
Message: <54249811$1@news.povray.org>
Hello folks,

I am the author of Bishop3D, a POV-Ray modeler for MS-Windows platform. For 
a series of events I was forced to put that project on hold but now I’m back 
at it.

Approximately six months ago I slowly started to work on a new version based 
on Qt (http://qt-project.org) and Bullet physics* 
After some considerations about my progress rate, I’ve decided to release 
the project under GNU GPL V3 license hopping to get it completed sooner than 

Please, don’t get me wrong; I *am* actively working on that project on my 
spare time and eventually it will reach a beta release milestone - but I can 
use some help to get there faster :)
If you are interested please check bishop3d.com/blog/archives/237

The current Bishop3D version is now freeware, free as in free beer - there 
is no point in making it open source since it is based on Borland (now 
Embarcadero) proprietary tools.

Best regards,
H. Arnaut

*the integration with Bullet physics is not done yet but the changes in the 
modeler kernel in order to support such integration are already in place.

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