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  Epspline repairs for POV-Ray 3.7  
From: Ed Hynan
Date: 18 Dec 2013 08:54:39
Message: <52b1a91f@news.povray.org>
July 2013 an announcement was posted that began:

    Epspline (as in Edit-Povray-SPLINE) is a utility for POV-Ray users:
    a simple 2D graphical editor of lathe and prism objects.

    Download links, and a few samples, are available at:


November 2013 POV-Ray 3.7 was released. Some bugs in Epspline
were exposed, and have been fixed.

The new version of epspline is, available at the URL above.


        The preview, with POV-Ray 3.7, would produce a message dialog
        warning of an incorrect option. That is because epspline
        was stripping options off the ".POV" type handler in a case
        sensitive manner, but the case of the string added to the MSW
        registry seems to have changed with the POV-Ray 3.7 installer.
        Ultimately, the preview worked. Fixed.

        The preview window might not appear at all with POV-Ray 3.7.
        Epspline had included `-visual DirectColor' to the POV-Ray
        command in response to unwanted transparency in the POV-Ray
        window. There was an environment variable that would remove
        `-visual DirectColor' from the command, but it was not
        documented (it is "POVRAY_NO_DIRECTCOLOR"). With POV-Ray 3.7
        using SDL, `-visual DirectColor' is not wanted and causes
        POV-Ray to quit. This release of epspline will refrain from
        adding that option, so POV-Ray 3.7 should work for the preview.

        For those still using POV-Ray 3.6, and having unwanted
        transparency in the display window, `-visual DirectColor' can
        be added to the command in a new preferences dialog (under
        edit menu). Or, for those so inclined, set the environment
        variable "POVRAY_USE_DIRECTCOLOR" 'yes'||'true'||'on'.


    The old wxWidgets 2.6 will no longer work. The new wxWidgets 3.0.0
    (released around the same time as POV-Ray 3.7; ecce signum) has
    nice improvements and should be preferred if possible, *but* the
    GTK2 build of wxWidgets 3.0.0 works better than the GTK3 build,
    at least on the systems the author has for testing. The GTK3
    build *does* work with epspline, but with oddities on the author's
    systems. It might be fine on other systems; feedback would be
    appreciated (see COMMENTS below).


    The URL given above points to a page that is in fact a blog page,
    so there is a comment submission form. Comments are welcome (and
    easy and fun and really in style!).

Ed Hynan

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