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  Re: Spectral Rendering with POV-Ray  
From: Stephen
Date: 22 Sep 2012 15:00:31
Message: <505e0acf$1@news.povray.org>
On 21/09/2012 3:40 PM, Ive wrote:

> Don't say that. I've spend a lot of time making its usage intuitive.
> Maybe I failed but I would welcome feedback on that matter to improve my
> didactic skills - I know that I suck in explaining things.

No, no. It is just my time is so limited nowadays. But a direct appeal 
for feedback cannot be ignored.

> Aaargh! You are so right! Why the heck does 2048 look so much more
> natural to me ;)

Because 2048 is 2^11, I would think.

>> I also like you music and that is saying something from someone who
>> thinks anything after the 18th Century is a bit too modern.

> You've mentioned this before and I still find it surprising. Especially
> since I do listen to almost all kinds of music of different styles and
> era but I'll have to admit that the 18th and 19th century is the deepest
> gap within my musical horizon. Well, I know all the "hits" all the
> symphonies and all the stuff everybody knowns but it fails to touch me.
> On the other hand, just recently I discovered Mozart's string quintets
> and I really do love them. Maybe a question of getting older?

I might be exaggerating a bit. I don’t like 20th Century “classical” 
music with maybe the exception of Benjamin Britain.
You should maybe give Mozart’s piano for 4 hands a listen. Bach and 
Handel transport me.

>> Bloody Hell! It sounds like a slow tempo Muppets theme. Tell me that I
>> am wrong. ;-)
> Haven't heard the Muppets theme since over a decade but I guess you are
> not wrong ;)
> Actually the main theme of "Just Like A William Powell" is based on the
> typical "roaring 20ies" Charleston chord progression and I think the
> Muppets-theme uses the same chords.
> But the piano bridge between the verses of "...William Powell" cites a
> famous German tune from the 20ies (or 30ies, not sure) called "Ich
> brauche keine Millionen, mir fehlt kein Pfennig zum Glück" (rough
> translation: "Don't need millions, don't miss a penny for
> happiness/luck". Finally the instrumental part is bases on "Katz' Rag"
> (named after the composer) and this was one of the very first tunes I
> played on acoustic guitar when I was learning ragtime finger-picking
> style. To put it like John Renbourn (one of my favorite British
> guitarists): "I've always tried to play like Big Bill Broonzy - and I'm
> still trying!"

Thank you for that. I have just spent about an hour listening to Marika 
Rökk. I loved this clip on you tube:

> For short, as I have actually nothing to say and do not consider myself
> an artist I do with music the same as I do with my POV-Ray images: pack
> them full with tiny references and citations in an attempt to make them
> appear more interesting,

It works for me.

> but I guess it is not working that way,

I wouldn't say that.

> ....nonetheless I'll keep trying.

Good! Please do.


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