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  Re: Spectral Rendering with POV-Ray  
From: Ive
Date: 21 Sep 2012 10:41:31
Message: <505c7c9b@news.povray.org>
Am 20.09.2012 22:35, schrieb Stephen:
> The glasses are spectacular but, as much as I’d like to, I don’t have
> the time to experiment with your Spectral Rendering. It is a bit out of
> my league anyway.
Don't say that. I've spend a lot of time making its usage intuitive. 
Maybe I failed but I would welcome feedback on that matter to improve 
my didactic skills - I know that I suck in explaining things.

> I had not seen 'Bist Du noch da' before and for that alone it was worth
> the visit. I have seen and liked 'In The Mood For Love' and will search
> for a copy of Wong Kar-Way’s 2048 or is it 2046? (Do I see a geek’s typo
> ;-) )
Aaargh! You are so right! Why the heck does 2048 look so much more 
natural to me ;)

> I also like you music and that is saying something from someone who
> thinks anything after the 18th Century is a bit too modern.
You've mentioned this before and I still find it surprising. Especially 
since I do listen to almost all kinds of music of different styles and 
era but I'll have to admit that the 18th and 19th century is the deepest 
gap within my musical horizon. Well, I know all the "hits" all the 
symphonies and all the stuff everybody knowns but it fails to touch me. 
On the other hand, just recently I discovered Mozart's string quintets 
and I really do love them. Maybe a question of getting older?

> Just Like A William Powell (lookin' for that Myrna Loy) I enjoyed but it
> reminded me of a tune that I just can’t put my finger on.
> Bloody Hell! It sounds like a slow tempo Muppets theme. Tell me that I
> am wrong. ;-)
Haven't heard the Muppets theme since over a decade but I guess you are 
not wrong ;)
Actually the main theme of "Just Like A William Powell" is based on the 
typical "roaring 20ies" Charleston chord progression and I think the 
Muppets-theme uses the same chords.
But the piano bridge between the verses of "...William Powell" cites a 
famous German tune from the 20ies (or 30ies, not sure) called "Ich 
brauche keine Millionen, mir fehlt kein Pfennig zum Glück" (rough 
translation: "Don't need millions, don't miss a penny for 
happiness/luck". Finally the instrumental part is bases on "Katz' Rag" 
(named after the composer) and this was one of the very first tunes I 
played on acoustic guitar when I was learning ragtime finger-picking 
style. To put it like John Renbourn (one of my favorite British 
guitarists): "I've always tried to play like Big Bill Broonzy - and I'm 
still trying!"

For short, as I have actually nothing to say and do not consider myself 
an artist I do with music the same as I do with my POV-Ray images: pack 
them full with tiny references and citations in an attempt to make them 
appear more interesting, but I guess it is not working that way, 
...nonetheless I'll keep trying.


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