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  Re: Update of 'Insert Menu Add-on' + 'shapes_lo.inc'  
From: Friedrich Lohmueller
Date: 16 Aug 2012 15:36:40
Message: <502d4bc8$1@news.povray.org>
Am 16.08.2012 14:52, schrieb nemesis:
> Friedrich Lohmueller <Fri### [at] t-onlinede> wrote:
>> Email:  Friedrich.Lohmueller_AT_t-online.de
>> Homepage: http://www.f-lohmueller.de/
> good to see such a long time povray user still going on.
> BTW, there's a railway challenge going on at Tina-Chep and I thought I might
> stand a chance but after seeing your impressive series from 1999 on, I fear I
> still have much to learn... :p  where do you guys get such detailed blueprints?

.. mostly from the web, a list of my best sources you'll find here:

You will find also some good blueprints on some of these pages.
But blueprints are not all!
You need to have also many photos to find out how the details really
look like in 3D. Also technical data aubout length, wheel radii are
necessary. Many detective work!
   It's a big help in scale modelling, adding blueprints in the correct
size/scale to a raster plane like shown here:

Happy rail tracing!

Friedrich A. Lohmueller

Email:  Friedrich.Lohmueller_AT_t-online.de
Homepage: http://www.f-lohmueller.de/

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