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  Re: Making of a Rose. PovRay Video in HD.  
From: Warp
Date: 14 Nov 2011 17:29:22
Message: <4ec19642@news.povray.org>
robert alzinger <nomail@nomail> wrote:
> http://www.alzinger.de/cms/index.php?id=166

  It's very cool. But may I make an improvement suggestion to the animation?
Apply an easing function to all the movements (in other words, rather than
a movement being linear, making it accelerating and decelerating), except
for the ants. That will make it look much nicer.

  This is one simple way of doing that:

#macro EaseInOut(TimeValue) // TimeValue must be in the range [0, 1]
  0.5 - cos(TimeValue*pi)/2

// Instead of eg. "translate x * 5 * clock", do it like:
#declare EasedClock = EaseInOut(clock);
translate x * 5 * EasedClock

                                                          - Warp

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