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  Lionsnake v1.7.15 now available  
From: John VanSickle
Date: 11 Jul 2010 12:23:50
Message: <4c39f016$1@news.povray.org>
I have a new site for hosting my stuff now (the former site seems to 
have vanished).

Changes since version 1.7.14:

# You can scale a face around its center by choosing *Scale around 
center* from a face's context menu.
# When using the mesh gadgets, which operate on selected geometry, a 
mouse click off of the gadget was causing the selection to be cleared. 
# The view change modes (dragging, zooming, and rotation) did not work 
when there is a gadget on screen. Fixed.
# When choosing the *Drag along normal* operation from a face's context 
menu, the drag selection was not being set to the marked face, but was 
left as it was, causing other mesh geometry to be dragged instead. Drag 
along normal now drags the face from which the option is chosen, and 
only that face.
# The operation formerly known as _inset_ has been renamed _bevel_.
# Orphan edges (that is, edges without faces attached) now have no 
effect on subdivision.
# A bug caused a crash when when a backwards-oriented face was added 
with subdivision preview turned on. Fixed.
# You can divide a face by making an edge between any two non-adjacent 
vertices of that face.
# You can center a vertex (that is, move it to the average of its 
neighbors) from that vertex's context menu, or do the same operation to 
a selection of vertices from the editing menu.
# You can mirror the mesh geometry (vertices, edges, and faces) across 
the x=0, y=0 or z=0 planes. The mirrored version of the geometry is not 
editable, but reflects all changes to the real mesh as they are made. 
While adding this feature, I adjusted the order of drawing to improve 
edge drawing.

The binary and sources are available at:



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