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  LionSnake v1.7.14 Now Available  
From: John VanSickle
Date: 11 Jul 2009 07:06:51
Message: <4a58724b$1@news.povray.org>
I have received some reports that the display does not behave properly 
under Vista and/or Wine.  I develop on an XP box, so I would gladly 
appreciate any feedback from Vista and Wine users.

That being said,

Changes from version 1.7.13:

* The subdivision preview now shows the limit surface, edges, and 
vertices, instead of the hull values of these objects.

* In another of those "does anybody care" areas, I created another class 
for application-wide data that deals with the user interface (such as 
window handles, etc.), and have begun moving all of the user interface 
code, especially the OS-specific code, into this new class. My goal is 
to have exactly one source file that contains the dreaded line, #include 

* You can now drag a face (and any other marked vertices) along that 
face's normal vector.

* Hiding a vertex made it impossible to mark any edge or face which 
contained that vertex. Fixed.

* The gadget for scaling an inset face was not properly calculating the 
distance from the center of the gadget to the drag point. Fixed.

* Textures were not being smoothed consistently. Fixed.

* After changing the file from which a texture was loaded, the update 
would not show without performing undo and/or redo operations. Fixed.

* When an edge and a face covered the same spot in the view, there was 
some unsightly artifacting. Fixed.

* The zoom no longer changes when the application window is resized.

As always--but not for long--the download is available at:



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