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  LionSnake 1.7.9 Available for Download  
From: John VanSickle
Date: 2 Apr 2008 15:20:49
Message: <47f3eaa1$1@news.povray.org>
Changes from version 1.7.8:

# The application would crash when trying to load files in the original 
archive format. Although I suspect that this format was never used in a 
release version, I'm not 100% certain, so this has been fixed.
# There was a crash whenever the user tried to subdivide a portion of 
the mesh. Fixed.
# There was a crash whenever the mesh topology was changed during 
subdivision preview. Fixed.
# The previous bug was discovered while the subdivision preview was in 
the middle of a large rewrite. The texture-mapping still hasn't been 
added back in yet, so for now there is no texture-mapping in subdivision 
# Floating point error was causing values that should have been zero to 
be displayed as very small numbers near zero. Now values that are 
supposed to be zero look like zero.
# When the view was rotated the right way, there was a gap between the 
edge of the axis grid and the corner of the screen. Now the grid, when 
visible, always occupies the whole screen.


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