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  Re: planetGenesis 1.0  
From: David Burnett
Date: 29 Mar 2004 08:46:23
Message: <406828af$1@news.povray.org>
Gena wrote:

> Very useful program!

> Just some comments:
> - I've got a couple NullPointerExceptions. First
>   when I tryed to call Run on initial terrain circle.
>   Maybe it's illegal operation but who knows :)

Well its its something that will not do anything,
I guess I should but a message up.

> - There is a lack of context help.

Yes there is :-)

> - I think it would be great addition if you would add
>   also ability to combine images prepared in painting
>   programs as well to produce smth. like this:
>   http://beale.best.vwh.net/land/hillface.jpg

I've avoided this so far, I didn't want to have to write
a million bitmap loaders, and I've been avoiding Java extensions
like JIA for version 1

BTW Cinepaint (formerly filmgimp) is good for that sort of stuff,
and handles 16bit float greyscales. The windows version is a bit
flakey though.


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