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  Discontinuity v0.0 Released - Programmers needed  
From: ShalomNaumann
Date: 29 Feb 2004 22:32:09
Message: <4042aeb8@news.povray.org>
Discontinuity, a tool to help make animations with POV-Ray, has finally had
its first release. The first release is meant to give a taste of what
Discontinuity will eventually do.

POV-Ray has always had the capability of creating animations. However, the
process was always combersome and difficult. In an effort to make it
easier, I started writing a keyframe-based program to ease the process.

However, I never got around to finishing the program. In an effort to allow
the project to continue, I decided to put it up on SourceForge (an
open-source community) and hope that other people will finish it off.

I am still in the process of cleaning up and commenting the code, but it's
not too bad and I would like to hear some initial reactions to the program.
Do people think its a worthwhile project? Would anyone be willing to work
on it? I don't have much time these days, and though I am willing to
adminstrate the project for the next few months, I will have to stop in the
near future.

Take a look at http://discontinuity.sourceforge.net/. Feel free to contact
me for more information.

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