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  The Story of the POV-Ray Logo  
From: Rune
Date: 27 Feb 2004 17:06:19
Message: <403fbf5b@news.povray.org>

POV-Ray's logo is widely known in the POV-Ray community. It's used in
the splash image of the program, in its icon and in its documentation,
and it's used on the POV-Ray website. Furthermore many people in the
community use it on their own websites as symbols immediately
identifiable with POV-Ray, and to promote POV-Ray.

However, POV-Ray have not always had this logo. In fact, even though the
first public release of what we now know as POV-Ray was released in July
1991, POV-Ray didn't have a logo until December 2000.

The story of how POV-Ray got its logo is an interesting one involving
lots of people, lots of discussions and lots of creativity. On these
pages I have told this story from my point of view.

3D images and anims, include files, tutorials and more:
rune|vision:  http://runevision.com **updated Jan 29**
POV-Ray Ring: http://webring.povray.co.uk

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