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  Re: TesselSphere-1.1.0-rc2  
From: Dennis Miller
Date: 10 Jan 2004 21:53:52
Message: <4000bac0$1@news.povray.org>
Where might I find an executable for Windows?

"Nicholas Shea" <ome### [at] aolcom> wrote in message
> TesselSphere-1.1.0-rc2 has finally been released. You can download it
> http://www.members.aol.com/omega1746
> TesselSphere is an OpenGL spherical subdivision utility I wrote to
> vertexia for pollen, radiolaria and virus forms.
> It outputs POV-Ray and VRML. It has both particle and geodesic subdivsion
> modules and uses live 'morphers' to split the vertexia of Delaunay and
> Voronoi hulls into 'cells'. These cells can also be stellated.
> You can see a screenshot of the program at the above url. The TesselSphere
> website vanished for a while, but it should be back (somewhere) soon.
> TesselSphere has been successfully compiled on Win-98 and Linux
> I hope the POV community finds it of use and I would like to thank all the
> programmers who have shared their code with me over the past years. This
> my offering in return.
> Long live POV-Ray,
> Best wishes,
> Nicholas Shea

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