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  Re: SMPOV 3.60 with amazing new features released  
From: Theo Gottwald * * *
Date: 4 Jan 2004 03:07:48
Message: <3ff7c9d4@news.povray.org>
Hi Warp,

> > 1. Support for Resolutions up to 12200x12200 at no extra cost.
>   Why such a low limitation? Some technical reason for that?
Just that I did not test higher Resolutions on my 1 GHz machine. If you need
more, just ask me
then you get a "eat on your own risk cake" for testing. It was really just
that I thought noone
would need more. For what do you need more? Theoretically I would say that
there is only a technical limitation in PicPender-2 for the output file to
be smaller then 2 GB :-) because thats the stringsize-limit.
This has to be tested if there is interest for that ...

> > 4. Still there is NO Spyware in SMPOV and it does NOT connect to the
> > Internet other then through a VPN.
>   I don't understand why this has to be explicitly said. This should be
> taken for granted (most importantly because I'm sure that distributing
> an adware version of POV-Ray would be outrageously against povlegal).
Since last version it has some "hardcoded advertisment" for my brothers
diving base
in Thailand. Besides that you are right, I would NEVER produce anything that
Spyware (so long i don't get an contract from NSA for that :-))))). However
I really wanted to say that explicitly so everyone can be shure about that.
Also the fact that you know explicitly that SMPOV will NOT connect to the
under no circumstances is something that is worth to be told.
For me, if I have such an statement, its more easy for me to trust the
as well as the author.

kind regards

Theo Gottwald

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