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  Re: SMPOV 3.60 with amazing new features released  
From: Warp
Date: 3 Jan 2004 18:41:08
Message: <3ff75314@news.povray.org>
Theo Gottwald * * * <yne### [at] it-beraterorg> wrote:
> 1. Support for Resolutions up to 12200x12200 at no extra cost.

  Why such a low limitation? Some technical reason for that?

> 4. Still there is NO Spyware in SMPOV and it does NOT connect to the
> Internet other then through a VPN.

  I don't understand why this has to be explicitly said. This should be
taken for granted (most importantly because I'm sure that distributing
an adware version of POV-Ray would be outrageously against povlegal).

plane{-x+y,-1pigment{bozo color_map{[0rgb x][1rgb x+y]}turbulence 1}}
sphere{0,2pigment{rgbt 1}interior{media{emission 1density{spherical
density_map{[0rgb 0][.5rgb<1,.5>][1rgb 1]}turbulence.9}}}scale
<1,1,3>hollow}text{ttf"timrom""Warp".1,0translate<-1,-.1,2>}//  - Warp -

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