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  SMPOV 3.60 with amazing new features released  
From: Theo Gottwald * * *
Date: 3 Jan 2004 14:34:33
Message: <3ff71949$1@news.povray.org>
What is SMPOV?
SMPOV is a System that splits renderjobs into smaller parts which can be
rendered at the same time by multiple CPU's local (SMP) or distributed in a

Actual state of SMPOV:
The POV-Ray Community is quite busy so 4711 SMPOV downloads have been
counted from all over the world.

What is NEW in 3.60?
 The amazing news are:
1. Support for Resolutions up to 12200x12200 at no extra cost.
2. The readme file describes 3 new network-rendering-topologies, for
"Cross-Rendering" - You can share the COM-Folder with friends, then everyone
can use everyones machine for POV-Ray rendering (with tiling - or without!).
Two examples:
"Shared Render-Pool" - you can share a "pool of Render-PC's" with other
"VPN-Internet Rendering" - you can use SMPOV via the Internet therefore you
need to use a VPN for safety reasons. New is that you can share the
rendering resources over the Internet with others.
3. Speed of the RenderAgents and the distribution-process has been
4. Still there is NO Spyware in SMPOV and it does NOT connect to the
Internet other then through a VPN.
5. Includes a "Moray-Message Remover" WinRobot. If you use Moray you may get
a popup-Message when SMPOV starts multiple Instances of POV-Ray.
6. There are a lot of improvements in details fixing small weaknesses of the
past, which could make things not work in rare cases. I wont tell them all
here. Try it...
7. Not changed: Full support for POV Ray 3.5 as well as Mega-POV 1.0

Link: http://www.it-berater.org/smpov.htm

--Theo Gottwald
Distributed Network-Rendering or Local SMP-Rendering. With SMPOV and
POV-Ray 3.5. * Download free at: http://www.it-berater.org/smpov.htm

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