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  MayaFur.inc v1.0  
From: Doug Eichenberg
Date: 24 Aug 2003 11:22:58
Message: <3f48d852$1@news.povray.org>
The first version of my MayaFur.inc files for POV-Ray 3.5 are ready for
download, and can be found here:


These are basically a set of macros that mimic the way fur and hair are done
in Alias|Wavefront's Maya package, and they are capable of producing a wide
range of very nice looking fur styles.  Parameters include length,
base_width, tip_width, segments, base_curl, tip_curl, scraggle,
scraggle_frequency, inclination, roll, polar, and offset.  You can also
generate textures via triangle texture interpolation, with control over the
number of interpolated segments, the base color, tip color, base ambient
value, and tip ambient value.  Alternatively, triangle texture interpolation
can be turned off, and standard POV textures can be used.  A fur placement
macro is included that makes use of Chris Colefaxes PCM.MCR files, which are
bundled along with Warp's mesh compressor by permission of the authors.
Full HTML documentation and sample code is included as well.

Doug Eichenberg
dou### [at] nlsnet

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