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  Processor benchmarking using POV-Ray  
From: Hughes, B 
Date: 19 Aug 2003 03:43:25
Message: <3f41d51d@news.povray.org>
Below is the web address to an article from two months ago, which might not
be worthy of "news" for www.povray.org web site but could be of interest to
people keeping tabs on the usual AMD vs. Intel scores. Unfortunately the
reviewer seems to be using the old chess.pov benchmark instead of the newer
one with version 3.5. I've only just now e-mailed the reviewer to ask about


My personal observation would be that the gap between AMD and Intel has
narrowed significantly since the previous crop of processors. Intel is so
bad with FPU!  :-)

Here's another web page showing off the P-R 3.5 benchmark.


And another. Anyone ever see this before? I know I couldn't recall it,
especially not on a DELL web page.


Bob H.

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