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  Pov-ray book cover  
From: Tom Melly
Date: 11 Feb 2003 05:50:09
Message: <3e48d561$1@news.povray.org>
Dunno if this is a valid submission or not.

has been used as a book cover:

If the publisher keeps to their word, their should be the pov-ray url
(www.povray.org) and the irtc url in the acknowledgments.

(actually, I can't remember if I specified both or not)
#macro A(V,B,C,R)#while(B-256)#if(V-128/B>=0)sphere{0,.5translate<C-4R-1,9>
pigment{rgb<1-C/8R/2C/8>}}#local V=V-128/B;#end#local B=B*2;#local C=C+1;#
end#end A(234,1,0,2)A(85,1,0,1)A(81,1,0,0)light_source{-5 1}//Tom Melly

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