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  Installing POV-Ray on OS X 10.4.6 x86 (Message 1 to 1 of 1)  
From: Brian McGuinness
Subject: Installing POV-Ray on OS X 10.4.6 x86
Date: 6 Jun 2006 22:20:01
Message: <web.4486379fcb9b9a0bdcb530360@news.povray.org>
I get the impression that the Mac binary for POV-Ray is for Power PC
systems, and I have an Intel-based Mac, so I presume that I should get one
of the POV-Ray sources and compile it on my system.  But should I use the
Mac sources or the Unix sources?  I have X11 installed, should that be
required.  My GCC version is i686-apple-darwin8-gcc-4.0.1.

Any advice would be appreciated as I am new to Macs and am learning my way
around.  I have been using Fedora Core and have run POV-Ray there and on a
Windows box.  I don't mind using a command-line-only version of POV-Ray if


--- Brian

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