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From: Yvo Smellenbergh
Subject: POVRay3_7_Unofficial_r5_RC1 for mac ready for testing
Date: 3 Nov 2014 09:52:57
Message: <545796c9@news.povray.org>
POVRay3_7_Unofficial_r5_RC1 for Mac ready for testing at:
Should run fine in 10.6.8  and later, Yosemite included.
Fixed some issues in the preview window for Yosemite and removed some 
oddities that showed up with the latest compiler.

I would really appreciate it if some of you run some tests on various 
os systems. I can only test on Mavericks and Yosemite.
So those of you who still run Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion 
please give it a go and let me know.

Normally it should also run fine on the new Retina iMac, in case anyone 
of you owns one.... need I say more?

Mac users, don't be shy (I can see on my download stats that there are 
many of you) ;-).



POV-Ray 3.7 unofficial: http://megapov.inetart.net/povrayunofficial_mac/
UberPOV Mac: http://megapov.inetart.net/uberpov_mac/index.html#Mac
MegaPOV: http://megapov.inetart.net
E-mail: yvo(DOT)s(AT)gmx.net

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