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  Re: [Q] POV-Ray in command line  
From: jr
Date: 29 Jan 2021 08:45:07
Message: <web.6014100ab3a5582679819d980@news.povray.org>

Francois LE COAT <lec### [at] atariorg> wrote:
> ...
> The rendering of POV-Ray synthesis images are done in "real-time". It
> depends on past data, and future parameters are unknown. I have a
> POV-Ray script from which I substitute series of float numbers, that
> produces 2000 different scenes, one after the other.
> I can't launch POV-Ray one time, to produce 2000 images. I must launch
> it 2000 times, to render 2000 images. ...
> The question is how to configure POV-Ray with the command-line, so that
> it is quiet ? ...

looking at the ini you posted earlier, am I correct in assuming that the
generating "POV-Ray script" produces 2000 scene files named 'pacman_mod.pov'?

also, since I cannot believe that you'd invoke a(ny) program 2000 times
manually, the script must somehow tell 2nd from 23rd run.  do you run the whole
thing lot from within another script?  (o/wise how do you prevent overwriting

are you free to modify said POV-Ray script?  then, for instance, you could
change it to generate an array and include that from your scene, using
frame_number as index; though there'd likely be other, more efficient ways.  (I
also assume that the newly calculated data only depends on previous)

anyway, I'm fairly certain that the "problem" can be addressed w/out resorting
to compiling a new program.  :-)

regards, jr.

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