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  Re: [Q] POV-Ray in command line  
From: BayashiPascal
Date: 28 Jan 2021 23:30:01
Message: <web.60138e02b3a558266396ca3e0@news.povray.org>
I don't have a solution to your finder problem but I thought a work around could
be to render your 2000 images as if it was an animation. Then you would launch
only one instance of Pov-ray (I think, not completely sure actually how it works
on Mac). Yet, I don't know if you could easily change your
script to render the appropriate image based on the clock variable...


Francois LE COAT <lec### [at] atariorg> wrote:
> Hi,
> I use POV-Ray in command line under macOS Catalina and Macports,
> and run it about 2000 times, in order to render 2000 images. My
> issue is when you launch `povray` in command line, it opens a
> menu bar, and displays an icon in the macOS dock ...
> Is there a command line option, that prevents POV-Ray from displaying
> a menu bar and an icon in the dock ? Because when you launch it 2000
> times, for 2000 images, the Apple Finder and the Macintosh become
> unusable ... The computer keeps displaying the bar and the icon,
> and you can't do anything else with the Macintosh. You have to wait
> that the 2000 images are rendered ... You have to wait half an hour,
> so that POV-Ray stops rendering.
> There must be a solution. Because you can't do anything else, before
> POV-Ray has stopped rendering ... This is very painful ...
> Thanks for any help.
> Best regards,
> --

> <http://eureka.atari.org/>

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