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  Cannot run Benchmark (a NEW USER)  
From: alanbell
Date: 29 May 2009 22:25:00
Message: <web.4a2097eff7a941f5f0f9a290@news.povray.org>
I've tried running the benchmark but without success. I am using a powerbook G4
with Mac OS X 10.5.6.

Here is the message I receive, any helpm would be MUCH appreciated

POV-Ray 3.6 for Mac OS Frontend Build 197
Persistence of Vision(tm) Ray Tracer Version 3.6.1 for G4 (Mac CodeWarrior)
This is an official version prepared by the POV-Ray Team. See the
 documentation on how to contact the authors or visit us on the
 internet at http://www.povray.org/.

Parsing Options
  Input file:
(compatible to version 3.50)
  Remove bounds........On   Split unions.........Off
  Library paths:
     :Applications:POV-Ray 3.6:scenes:
Output Options
  Image resolution 384 by 384 (rows 0 to 384, columns 0 to 384).
  Graphic display.....Off
  Mosaic preview.......Off
  CPU usage histogram.Off
  Continued trace......Off
Tracing Options
  Quality:  9
  Bounding boxes......On  Bounding threshold: 3
  Light Buffer.........On   Vista Buffer.........On   Draw Vista Buffer....Off
  Antialiasing........On  (Method 1, Threshold 0.300, Depth 3, Jitter 1.00)
Animation Options
  Clock value....   0.000  (Animation off)
Possible Parse Error: Could not find file 'functions.inc'

File benchmark.pov line 3
Parse Error: Cannot open include file functions.inc.

File benchmark.pov line 3
Parse Warning: Check that the file is in a directory specifed with a +L switch
or 'Library_Path='
..INI item. Standard include files are in the include directory or folder. Please
read your
documentation carefully.

File benchmark.pov line 3
Total Scene Processing Times
  Parse Time:    0 hours  0 minutes  0 seconds (0 seconds)
  Photon Time:   0 hours  0 minutes  0 seconds (0 seconds)
  Render Time:   0 hours  0 minutes  0 seconds (0 seconds)
  Total Time:    0 hours  0 minutes  0 seconds (0 seconds)

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