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  Re: I want a working POV-Ray for Intel Macs  
From: clipka
Date: 4 Mar 2009 12:25:01
Message: <web.49aeb88c9a116125bdc576310@news.povray.org>
"triple_r" <nomail@nomail> wrote:
> First of all, be assured that in no way do I speak for the POV-Team, and that
> I'm certainly no computer scientist either.  In fact they may be getting sick
> of me saying this, but if you're desperate enough to run it on an old slow
> computer, it's probably worth the trouble just to download XCode from Apple,
> compile POV-Ray yourself from the Unix/Linux source, and be on your way.  It's
> very easy.  This approach works the same for POV-Ray, MegaPOV, and MCPov.
> There are also good text editors (vi, for example) that, although there may be
> a learning curve, do excellent POV-Ray formatting.  I really, genuinely, hope
> this doesn't sound rude, but sometimes it's true that when you want something
> done right, you need to do it yourself.

Isn't that the very basis for most open source projects?

If you want something done right and nobody else seems to be doing it, just go
ahead, do it yourself - then go the extra mile to let others participate...

So why not join the POV team as a volunteer to officially bringing POV to Intel
Mac users? Even if it's just that you'd be the one to compile the official
binary ready to install. Or just write a how-to. Anything that gets other
Intel-Mac users closer to fulfilment of their dreams will probably be

Unless of course you're afraid that the users you'd be helping would complain
that you weren't helping them enough or that you were doing it wrong.

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