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  I want a working POV-Ray for Intel Macs  
From: KEBman
Date: 4 Mar 2009 10:30:00
Message: <web.49ae9df5dad153849e20a6d00@news.povray.org>
Yes, that's what I want. I think it's lame to blame it on malfunctioning PowerPC
emulator when you should have made the binary work on both PowerPC and Intel
Macs in the first place. I really hope you'll fix this, because even though I
can write a POV-file, I'm not a computer scientist.

Now, of course I know this is freeware, and I'm really thankful for the effort,
but if I hear more excuses, please read the book The Design of Everyday Things
by Donald Norman.

I have an Intel Mac, a PowerBook Pro in fact, and I think it's such a shame to
have to use a moldy old PC laptop to render my pic's (in general I hate
touching PC's, but when you gotta, you gotta) - a thing that takes for ever
too. I also love the POV-Ray program interface and ease of use, thus I see no
point in even using the Mac for editing POV-files...

So PLLLLLEEEEASE make an update for Intel Mac's! =)

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