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  Re: How to make POV-Ray run  
From: triple r
Date: 23 Feb 2009 02:05:01
Message: <web.49a24a698239e1bf63a1b7c30@news.povray.org>
"maria" <mar### [at] gmailcom> wrote:
> Macintosh:~ mari$ povray +Idemo.pov
> -bash: povray: command not found

To use this approach, you will have to actually install the command line
version.  It is not enough to install the Mac version.  If you wish to do this,
an approach I have had good luck with, you will first need the developer tools
(XCode) from the apple website, http://developer.apple.com .  After this you
must download the unix/linux/generic source code for POV-Ray.  Go to the
uncompressed directory and type './configure', followed by 'make', and finally
'sudo make install'.  If this completes successfully, POV-Ray should be
installed so that you can call it from the command line.  Sorry if this is too
much or not enough detail, but just let me know if you need clarification.

> Tried from POV-Ray:
> File>New
> copy the file here
> and in POV-Ray: File>Save as: demo1.pov
> but cannot render on the option:
> Render>Start Render is grey not able to select it.

My only guess is that you may have to set some render preferences or check all
of the menus for something that would make rendering unavailable.  Usually when
the file is saved, you should be able to render.  Unfortunately since I have Mac
OS 10.5.6, I can't test this since the GUI version will not open for me.

If you don't mind the terminal, I recommend that approach overall since I find
it more dependable, but many people prefer the GUI version.  Of course I am
unable to help you with that, but perhaps someone else around can give better
advice.  Good luck.

 - Ricky

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