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  Re: font conversion?  
Date: 2 Feb 2008 07:40:01
Message: <web.47a463cf2d53f0455202b19b0@news.povray.org>
Anton Sherwood <bro### [at] poboxcom> wrote:
> >>> Anton Sherwood wrote:
> >>>> Short of buying Fontographer or its successor, what tools are
> >>>> available to convert fonts to .ttf so Povray can use them?
> >> Thorsten Froehlich wrote:
> >>> Since 3.5 you don't need any tools. Just supply the font name
> >>> and all that are supported will be used automatically.
> So I open the "Text Fonts" scene template and replace "crystal.ttf"
> with "Baskerville Bold" (having first used Font Book to choose an
> existing font name), and am not utterly astonished to see
>  Parse Error: Cannot open font file.
> Then it occurs to me that "no syntax" could mean the keyword "ttf"
> shouldn't be there, so I delete it and am even less amazed to see
>  Parse Error: Expected 'ttf', string literal found instead
I think our friend Thorsten Froehlich is overly optimistic...
My experience (of today and earlier):
Of the many fonts available on my Mac, only very few seem to qualify for POV.
Those are mainly Windows fonts with names like "myfont.ttf".
These fonts must be single fonts, not font suitcases. Most dfil fonts or other
fonts described as TrueType by Apple FontBook do not work.
I have managed to convert several of my fonts using two old utlility programs
for Mac Classic: one is TTConverter. Once you have done that, you must put the
new converted fonts in POV's "include" folder or in the same folder as your
..pov file.

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