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  Render Settings  
From: Keith
Date: 28 Nov 2007 20:30:00
Message: <web.474e1568e2cc61feb08ed6a0@news.povray.org>
I have managed to set everything up fine and POV-Ray works well on the Mac, with
one major exception. Scenes render well and everything seems to be set up fine,
but rendering only produces a wee little image. I have used the Windows version
for a fairly long time, but am totally new to using the program on Mac. So,
after a brief search through all the relevent documentation I could lay my
hands on, I found it firmly established that the solution of my problem lies in
the Render Settings dialogue accessed through the Edit menu. Trouble is, I click
on the Edit menu and Render Settings is greyed out and not selectable. No matter
what steps I take to try to get it to be accessible, it remains unselectable. I
spent the better part of the past few days searching in vain for some way to
access it, but to no avail. I have yet to find a single issue where Render
Settings in the Edit menu is not accessible. I'd greatly appreciate it if
someone could explain possibilities as to why this may be the case and what I
could do to correct it, keeping in mind that I seem to have set up the program
fine and have no problem rendering images.


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