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  UNIX Ignorance  
From: Russell Towle
Date: 26 Apr 2006 19:45:00
Message: <web.445005d4ae6f0d6539b2bf190@news.povray.org>
Ok, well, I can say this: UNIX POV works great on the Mac, and if one uses X
Windows (Apple's X11.app), one can settle into a routine of render, modify
scene file, change resolution if necessary, re-render, just as one usually
does, and it seems easy enough.

It is not nearly as nice as the Mac GUI versions, Official or MegaPov.

Still, I was beginning to congratulate myself for being a studly geek, or
something along those lines, when I finally discovered the "usr" folder on
my iMac.

And I must say I am more than a little peeved that I was not relieved of my
ignorance in the Mac-specific install documents which came bundled with the
UNIX version. They were full of talk about installing POV in the "usr"
folder but never once mentioned that, on the Mac, this folder is invisible
to the Finder!

Hence, I thought, "Oh well, they must mean my "Users" folder, and they must
mean I should install somewhere in my Home folder, in my Users folder."


Also, the UNIX version, in its install instructions, recommends installing
as Root. Why? Why in the world invoke this horrific power? One can just as
easily install as the default Administrator.

But I say this, of course, being pretty darn ignorant of what UNIX is and
how it works.



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