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  Final_Frame and End At  
From: Gallygaskins
Date: 21 Oct 2004 05:00:01
Message: <web.41777a15f3fb5c6e6c2dfc170@news.povray.org>
Not sure if this is a problem, a misunderstanding, or simply a gotcha.

As a newbie, I am rendering the contents of the portfolio folder of scenes
to generate an HTML reference of what the standard include files can do.
These scenes use animation as a way of inserting multiple images into one
HTML file.

As I use a Macintosh, I transfer the settings from the supplied .ini file
into the Render Settings Dialog box. However, I find that it is not enough
just to put the Final_Frame value from the .ini file into the appropriate
field; it must also be put into the End At field, which seems always to
control the end of animation (on a Mac, at least). Now I have worked that
out, everything is going well.

How come the .ini file gets away without specifying End At? Or is this a
difference between platform implementations?


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