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  Re: Final_Frame and End At  
From: Portabello
Date: 21 Oct 2004 11:01:58
Message: <smitty-06BABB.10015221102004@news.povray.org>
In article <web.41777a15f3fb5c6e6c2dfc170@news.povray.org>,
 "Gallygaskins" <nor### [at] dahlfamilyorg> wrote:

> As I use a Macintosh, I transfer the settings from the supplied .ini file
> into the Render Settings Dialog box. However, I find that it is not enough
> just to put the Final_Frame value from the .ini file into the appropriate
> field; it must also be put into the End At field, which seems always to
> control the end of animation (on a Mac, at least). Now I have worked that
> out, everything is going well.
> How come the .ini file gets away without specifying End At? Or is this a
> difference between platform implementations?

Final frame I think of as totalframes. The clock value will go between 
it's values starting at frame 1 to the final-frame. If you want to only 
render a subset, say frames 10-20 out of a total 100 frame anim you 
specify that in the Start and End frame fields. I think if it's not 
specified in the ini it's assumed to render the whole animation. In the 
render settings dialog though you need to enter it.

Initial and Final demarcate the animation, Start to End are the frames 
to render; the clock values below you can't edit because it's just 
showing you what the clock value is at those frames.

Anyways, try just typing the ini filename into the command-line field on 
the scene tab, it'll use the ini settings then, you don't have to enter 
them. HTH-few

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