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  Re: Ingenuity Flight  
From: Francois LE COAT
Date: 10 Oct 2023 14:55:10
Message: <65259e0e@news.povray.org>

Francois LE COAT writes:
>>> I've made a WEB page about 18th flight of Ingenuity over planet Mars:

>>> It's possible to reconstruct visible relief, and trajectory from the
>>> Ingenuity drone, using a simple video sequence. The monocular dispari
>>> is obtained by matching images with a reference, measuring optical-
>>> flow. The trajectory is obtained using parameters of the perspective
>>> transformation describing successive images...
>>> <https://hebergement.universite-paris-saclay.fr/lecoat/demoweb/trajec
>>> Since April 19, 2021, the Ingenuity helicopter sent to Mars hasn't
>>> stopped flying over the planet. It was expected taking off only
>>> 5 times, to demonstrate that it was possible. In fact, we are in
>>> February 2022, and a final realization of 19th flight over Mars, was
>>> attempted. The measurements we take correspond to 18th flight over
>>> planet Mars, dated 15 December 2021.
>>> The localization of the piloting assistance camera which is obtained,

>>> is not perfect. The lens of this camera has a radial distortion, what

>>> is not taken into account by the perspective kinematics model.
>> We are in August 2023, and the Ingenuity helicopter still flies over
>> Mars. There's no GPS satellite system on the planet, and a very little

>> atmosphere compared to Earth, but it is localizing itself with a
>> grey-scale camera that points to the ground, and it works like that...

>> Here is a video <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TP_ojUa6XtU>
>> The image processing computations are obtained from interpolation
>> performed at <https://twitter.com/stim3on/status/1419414689998594051>

>> transmitted down the JPL/NASA Laboratory at Caltech University...
> Ingenuity made its 55th flight on August 12, 2023, what demonstrates th
> robustness of the control GNU/Linux system, including in particularly
> hostile conditions, an unknown environment and minimal supervision,
> because the helicopter is almost autonomous, very very far from
> everything somewhere in space.

*Ingenuity over planet Mars*

#Ingenuity #Perseverance #Mars2020 #Mars #NASA #Solarocks


Here is a look back at Ingenuity's 59th flight on Mars, as captured by
the Mastcam-Z on the Perseverance Rover.

In this view, I've heavily enhanced the dust blown away during takeoff.
You can also see dust devils moving in the background!

Best regards,



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