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  Re: Monocular Depth (was: [Q] POV-Ray in command line)  
From: Francois LE COAT
Date: 19 May 2022 10:33:33
Message: <6286553d$1@news.povray.org>

Francois LE COAT writes:
> To explain what I'm doing I've done a WEB page that is not yet finished
> <https://hebergement.universite-paris-saclay.fr/lecoat/demoweb/temporal
> POV-Ray is totally appropriate to show what I'm doing, because it can
> represent the eight parameters I'm obtaining from the camera movement.
> I obtain the eight:
> - Tx horizontal translation
> - Ty vertical translation
> - Tz depth translation
> - Rx pitch angle
> - Ry yaw angle
> - Rz roll angle
> - Sx horizontal shear angle
> - Sy vertical shear angle
> and POV-Ray can represent those all. This already have been discussed i
> <news://povray.advanced-users> because I'm modelling the 3D motion.
> The issue here, is just to make POV-Ray quiet when I'm rendering...

Here is what was done with a sequence at Mont Saint-Michel...


There are three parts to the video, corresponding to three measures
of the optical-flow: IODP, Farneback and DualTVL1. This gives three
measures of different monocular depth (Temporal Disparity), quality
growing. What is shown is that one can as well see the relief of a
scene, with two eyes in stereo, or with one eye in mono through

Let's experiment... You can either see the relief by closing one eye
moving, or with both eyes without moving. Movement (as with TV, and
without glasses) allows you to perceive the relief! There is no need
to be equipped with a virtual reality headset (VR).

Thanks for your help.




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