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  Re: [Q] POV-Ray in command line  
From: Francois LE COAT
Date: 29 Jan 2021 12:50:20
Message: <60144adc$1@news.povray.org>

jr writes:
> Francois LE COAT wrote:
>> ...
>> The rendering of POV-Ray synthesis images are done in "real-time". It
>> depends on past data, and future parameters are unknown. I have a
>> POV-Ray script from which I substitute series of float numbers, that
>> produces 2000 different scenes, one after the other.
>> I can't launch POV-Ray one time, to produce 2000 images. I must launch

>> it 2000 times, to render 2000 images. ...
>> The question is how to configure POV-Ray with the command-line, so tha
>> it is quiet ? ...
> looking at the ini you posted earlier, am I correct in assuming that th
> generating "POV-Ray script" produces 2000 scene files named 'pacman_mod

Well, I have a model "pacman.pov" from which I generate "pacman_mod.pov"
substituting the parameters at n step. Then I render this script,
producing "pacman.png". And I move "pacman.png" to "pac%04d.png" with n.

> also, since I cannot believe that you'd invoke a(ny) program 2000 times

> manually, the script must somehow tell 2nd from 23rd run.  do you run t
he whole
> thing lot from within another script?  (o/wise how do you prevent overw
> 'pacman.png'?)

It results 2000 files, from "pac0001.png" to "pac2000.png" with 2000
steps. I have launched POV-Ray 2000 times, knowing parameters from
1 to n steps. Each step n I have new parameters, but I don't know n+1.

> are you free to modify said POV-Ray script?  then, for instance, you co
> change it to generate an array and include that from your scene, using
> frame_number as index; though there'd likely be other, more efficient w
ays.  (I
> also assume that the newly calculated data only depends on previous)

I can't generate an array of parameters, because I know those partially.
I'm drawing a trajectory, steps to steps, and I can't predict future.

> anyway, I'm fairly certain that the "problem" can be addressed w/out re
> to compiling a new program.  :-)

It's the simplest solution. If there's no command-line option to make
POV-Ray quiet, I can build a macOS/Macports version, that will be quiet.

Thanks for your help.




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