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  Re: [Q] POV-Ray in command line  
From: Francois LE COAT
Date: 28 Jan 2021 15:38:35
Message: <601320cb@news.povray.org>

Thorsten writes:
> you need to find out who created that port and figure out what they did
> The regular Unix code does not create any menu bar or icon because it 
> simply knows nothing about Mac OS X.

That's the POV_Ray port available in Macports for macOS Catalina :


I'd better build POV_Ray myself, what I already done, if there's no
peculiar option to suppress usage of the menu bar, and dock's icon.

> The other thing is that you should not be starting 2000 instances of 
> POV-Ray at the same time...

I launch POV_Ray about 2000 times, one after the other, with the use
of 12 threads (the Macintosh has 9 cores), and I must do something
else in between, because the Mac is completely monopolized. I can't
even read my email, because the Finder's interface becomes a mess ...

It's really curious that no Mac user ever noticed that peculiarity
of the Macports version. There must not be a lot of users like me :-)

> Francois LE COAT wrote:
>> William F Pokorny writes:
>>> Francois LE COAT wrote:
>>>> I use POV-Ray in command line under macOS Catalina and Macports,
>>>> and run it about 2000 times, in order to render 2000 images. My
>>>> issue is when you launch `povray` in command line, it opens a
>>>> menu bar, and displays an icon in the macOS dock ...
>>>> Is there a command line option, that prevents POV-Ray from displayin
>>>> a menu bar and an icon in the dock ?
>>> Unsure if true with the macOS version you are running, but with 
>>> Linux/Unix versions (which only display an icon) you can use '-d' to 

>>> not create a preview display and icon or '--preview text' (or '-y 
>>> text) to use the inbuilt text only mode.
>> I don't know how I should modify it, so that is doesn't use a menu bar
>> and show an icon in the macOS dock. "Display=Off" is set, so what sh
>> I do more ? I want POV-Ray to be quiet ... The menu bar and icon are
>> embarrassing. That prevents from using anything else than POV-Ray :-(

Thanks for your help.




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