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25 May 2024 23:34:59 EDT (-0400)
  POV-Ray v3.8.0-Alpha 9606898 for Macintosh Available  
From: Yvo Smellenbergh
Date: 14 May 2018 03:10:00
Message: <5af93647@news.povray.org>
Sorry for the delay but it is finally ready for downloading:

Except for the update to the latest alpha version, a little bug in the 
preview window is fixed.

An a big thank you to Christoph L. for modifying the source to work 
around a compiler bug on MacOS!



POV-Ray 3.7 unofficial: http://megapov.inetart.net/povrayunofficial_mac/
UberPOV Mac: http://megapov.inetart.net/uberpov_mac/index.html#Mac
MegaPOV: http://megapov.inetart.net
E-mail: yvo(DOT)s(AT)gmx.net

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