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  Re: POV-Ray 4.0 for Mac  
From: clipka
Date: 27 Jan 2016 14:47:39
Message: <56a91edb$1@news.povray.org>
Am 27.01.2016 um 20:01 schrieb Asinus Rex:
> Does anyone know whether there is any development going on for version 4.0,
> specifically an official Mac version? If so, any idea when? I feel like I've
> been waiting for ages.

Currently we're not officially working on a version 4.0 of POV-Ray;
however, POV-Ray 3.7 is actually a stepping stone on the way towards
4.0, and current work on what is likely to become POV-Ray 3.7.1 includes
more architectural changes under the hood, which will eventually lead up
to a 4.0 somewhere down the road.

Before version 4.0 there may even be a version 3.x that would be 4.0 in
disguise as far as internal architecture and potential features goes,
except that it would still use the old scene description language, as
the current plan is for 4.0 to not indicate new technology, but a new SDL.

As for Mac versions, there is currently no work on any official one, so
Yvo's unofficial port still is the best you can get and hope for in the
near future.

I'm not sure what Yvo's release schedule is, but at present I would
guess that he is waiting for the next official non-alpha version.

In case a command-line version will do for you, you might want to check
with the folks at the Homebrew or MacPorts projects.

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