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  Re: Problems with external volumes  
From: Thorsten Froehlich
Date: 28 Jul 2009 00:57:37
Message: <4a6e8541$1@news.povray.org>
Rune wrote:
> Anyway, I'm having problems because my scene and include files are located on an
> external hard drive with multiple partitions. All scene and include files are
> located on a partition called "Data" but when storing references to the include
> file folder the hard drive shows up as "Volumes/Untitled 1" instead of "Data".
> The problem is that it shows up inconsistently as "Untitled", "Untitled 1", or
> "Untitled 2" depending on which order OS X happens to mount the drives in on
> that particular day. This basically seems to mean that I have to reconfigure
> the include file path every day (and all the other configured paths), which is a
> pain.
> I know this is more of a general Mac OS X problem than a POV-Ray problem, but I
> have searched the net for an answer and couldn't find anything. What can be
> done about this?

What type of format does the drive use? This happens only if it has no 
proper name under Mac OS X because it is formatted as something else (like 
FAT32). If it is formatted as Mac only, it should work just fine. I have two 
external drives formatted for Mac and both mount correctly, but I have seen 
strange issues with a few USB sticks formatted as FAT32...


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