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  Re: font conversion?  
From: Thorsten Froehlich
Date: 2 Feb 2008 08:28:46
Message: <47a4700e@news.povray.org>

> I think our friend Thorsten Froehlich is overly optimistic...

Well, the thing is that Apple delivers more and more fonts in other formats 
with each version of Mac OS X (which is a good thing, as plain TrueType font 
files are not perfect). And what POV-Ray needs is indeed a "real" TrueType 
font file. One way to get lots of TrueType font files (that still work on 
Mac OS X) is from a Mac OS 9 Install CD. Or from any Windows install, in 
particular if various Adobe tools have been installed before, because they 
tend to come with additional TrueType fonts.

> My experience (of today and earlier):
> Of the many fonts available on my Mac, only very few seem to qualify for POV.
> Those are mainly Windows fonts with names like "myfont.ttf".

They are not Windows fonts, they are regular TrueType font files.

> These fonts must be single fonts, not font suitcases. Most dfil fonts or other
> fonts described as TrueType by Apple FontBook do not work.

Font Book calls almost everything TrueType that isn't a PostScript font. In 
particular, as you note, the new font suitcase files won't work - 
internally they contain multiple TrueType font versions, but that is of no 
use for POV-Ray because they don't match a ".ttf" file format...


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