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  Re: font conversion?  
From: Anton Sherwood
Date: 2 Feb 2008 00:33:14
Message: <47a4009a$1@news.povray.org>
>>> Anton Sherwood wrote:
>>>> Short of buying Fontographer or its successor, what tools are 
>>>> available to convert fonts to .ttf so Povray can use them?

>> Thorsten Froehlich wrote:
>>> Since 3.5 you don't need any tools. Just supply the font name
>>> and all that are supported will be used automatically.

> Anton Sherwood wrote:
>> I made a wild guess at the syntax, but no luck ..

Thorsten Froehlich wrote:
> There is no "syntax" to guess. You just supply the _name_ of the font.

So I open the "Text Fonts" scene template and replace "crystal.ttf"
with "Baskerville Bold" (having first used Font Book to choose an 
existing font name), and am not utterly astonished to see

	Parse Error: Cannot open font file.

Then it occurs to me that "no syntax" could mean the keyword "ttf" 
shouldn't be there, so I delete it and am even less amazed to see

	Parse Error: Expected 'ttf', string literal found instead

So far so good.

Anton Sherwood, http://www.ogre.nu/
"How'd ya like to climb this high *without* no mountain?" --Porky Pine

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